Changing the Concrete5 title divider format


Many people do not like the default spacer that Concrete5 uses for its page titles which is “::”

To change this, open config/site.php and add the following code:

define(‘PAGE_TITLE_FORMAT’, ‘%1$s – %2$s’);

You may adjust the “-” character in the above code to any that you wish and that will become your new page title divider.

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  1. navy says:

    thanks for your article. very helpfull

  2. danny says:

    exactly what I needed. thanks for posting this!

  3. Tony says:

    simple when you know how!

    Thanks, this has bugged me for a while!

  4. Sérgio Jardim says:

    Thanks! This is very helpful!

  5. Vinz says:

    Briljant, thanks!

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