How to disable Concrete5 site statistics

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Concrete5 has built in site statistics tracking but it’s very simple and records every hit, not checking if the user is unique. This can create some very large database tables and possibly slow down your website. Although the graph will remain in the dashboard, the site will no longer track all the visits.

Open up config/site.php and add the following lines:

// turn off site tracking

As well, load up your favorite database manager, like phpMyAdmin and find the table PageStatistics and empty the contents to clean up past tracking data.


  1. Currently built my website “The Bail Hotline Bail Bonds” in concrete and was getting huge numbers on the statistics graph which I knew was not true. Of cource never based anything off this graphc becuase I use google analytics but it was annoying me.

    Well Thanks for this tip, works great and no more annoying false graph eatting up server load.

  2. Tony says:

    Thanks for the great tip!

    I think Google Analytics negates the need for this function in Concrete in any case.

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